wicked challenge - 5 favorite glindas:
alli mauzey - “It takes a lot to make me look like Glinda. I don’t know if you can see it or not. It takes a lot of makeup, a lot of hair, and a lot of sparkles. And even then, I’m hoping we did the job right…I’ll come back, and you’ll see what I should look like, which is blonde and beautiful, hopefully!”


Seeking Wonder Woman Recommendations



I’m a nerd in a lot of areas, but comic books is not really one of them. I’m trying to get into comics more, but it’s hard to know what’s good and where to begin, especially with some of the long-standing characters.

So can anybody recommend good Wonder Woman comics? What’s your favorite and why? Where would you suggest a newbie look first?

I’d recommend Greg Rucka’s run, Gail Simone’s run, and Justice League: A League of One. Good luck!

All those are pretty much what I’d recommend. I’d also like to add George Perez’s run. (: